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Showing Students a Different Side of Richmond, Virginia.

Field trips and educational tours in Richmond tend to involve a brisk walk through a museum or two, and brief stops at the most famous monuments. As both local and visiting educators know, these tours don’t do justice to the immense, rich history of this important city. Our RVA Ghosts tour thoroughly shines a light on the unique history of Richmond, Virginia in an informative, interactive format that is above all memorable.


The tour brings students to the actual sites of historical hauntings but doesn’t stop there. Through engaging, unexpected stories of everyday life, historical figures and local legends, we bring history to life, through death. Our well researched stories will show your students a side of these places that isn’t in their textbooks. 


For educators, the following section has answers to some frequently asked questions about our tour.


If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns about the nature of our tour, please feel free to contact us.